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Jul 22

3 Effective Ways to Create a Winning Employer Brand

By: MRINetwork

Tags: Employer Resources

However, to build a truly winning brand -- the kind that candidates don't just notice but want to join -- you need more than mere name recognition. You need to portray the culture that wins candidates over as soon as they walk through your doors. Make no mistake about it -- potential hires begin diligently assessing business brands upon their very first interview. Actually, company brand assessment takes place even before that.

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Oct 17

Who wants to be interviewed by a robot? Hiring is analog, not digital

By: Gary Miller

Tags: Employer Resources , Industrial Technology , Miller News

Over the years, many attempts have been made to make recruiting and hiring a digital practice. With keyword searching and filtering being the primary initial screening in all computer-based transactions, many would have you believe that much progress has been made in streamlining the process and predicting success.

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Sep 18

Yards After Contact

By: Lily Bageanis

Tags: Candidate Resources , Employer Resources , Miller News

I’ve never been a huge Football fan at all, however, I have been getting into it a little more since my husband convinced me to join a fantasy football league. Little by little I’m starting to pick up on the football terminology and one of the things that really caught my attention just recently was a term called YAC.

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Sep 12

Hiring Season is Here!

By: Gary Miller

Tags: Employer Resources , Miller News

Football season is kicking off in September, the World Series takes place in October and the next thing you know, November and Thanksgiving are here.  These three months are also Hiring Season!

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Jul 09

In the Case of Hunter vs Farmer, the Farmer Gets a Bad Rap

By: Gary Miller

Tags: Miller News

In decades of recruiting Sales Professionals, I've never been asked to find a farmer. "I need a Hunter", the client demands. "I want someone who opens new doors, get's new business, closes deals.", they exclaim. They say they don't want a farmer who nurses existing accounts...they need growth and gosh darn, a Hunter is going to do it.

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Jun 14

MRG Food team is heading to IFT2018 Chicago

Tags: Food & Beverage , Miller News

Gus Bageanis, Karin Stueland, and Kimberly Pottebaum are heading to the IFT2018 11th Annual Golf outing at Cog Hill hosted by The Chicago Section of the Institute of Food Technologists.  We are proud platinum sponsors supporting the Chicagoland Food Science Foundation. This great foundation raises funds to go towards scholarships for students entering the food and beverage industry.  Our team is excited for this event and hoping to connect with great individuals.

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