Happy 31 Year Anniversary Paula!

By: Gary Miller

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Paula Ahlgren:  Director of Finance

Thirty one years ago, Paula was working in a small employment agency down the hall from our office.  I was just about to close on the purchase of the firm and I heard they were closing.  We barely knew each other but I knew she handled the accounting and books for the firm.   I told her of my new role and asked if she could help out “a little bit” during the transition.  Well, she helped more than a little bit.  She helped more than you can imagine. In all our time together, she has never once missed a payroll, or has been unwilling to do anything, asked or unasked, for the betterment of MRG. Our accounting firm has told me that of all the clients he’s ever had, no one has ever been more conscientious and organized in presenting our financial data.  I have always placed the highest trust in her and she has rewarded us with unwavering dedication to all our success.  Thanks Paula.  We wouldn’t be where we are without you.

Happy Anniversary!

Gary Miller

Tags: Miller News

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