Resources for Employers

Making your company more attractive to potential experienced and qualified talent can be difficult if you don’t have anyone to guide you. Fortunately, you’ve found Miller Resource Group, and we’re here to help.

We’ve written and collected a wide variety of information about how to make your business better equipped to attract better candidates.

“The best candidates are attracted to the best positions at the best companies. Become one of the companies that the talent wants to work for.”

We have several options for fulfilling your hiring needs for permanent positions. The following are our most common packages.

Best used when roles are critical and a dedicated search effort is required. Extra time investment is required to reach a targeted audience and find best possible candidate, not those just readily available. Services are engaged with retainer at beginning of process.

Recommended when skills or knowledge are not vital to the role timing or urgency is lacking. This contingency model requires payment if and when a candidate is hired.

A partnership model where a number of positions are prioritized and committed to by both parties. It’s a dedicated hybrid model of priority and contingency with economies of scale available.

Let’s discuss the option best for you!

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